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Kayaks Rental Vilnius

Kayak rental in Vilnius is a good way to spend your free time after busy day of meetings, conference or just to relax after all day walking around Vilnius old town. There are few routes which we recommend for our customers:

Relaxing kayaks tour across Neris. | Price starts at €14 per person | Difficulty 1.5 out of 5 stars (1,5 / 5)

Neris is the most easiest and relaxing river around Vilnius region. The longer route of this kayaks tour is starting in Ožkiniai and finishing just when you pass White bridge, shorter route is starting at Valakampiai second beach and finishing at the same place – just over White bridge. This route will help you to see a lot of interesting and worth to see places of Vilnius, for example – Šilas, Žirmūnai, Mindaugas, Green and White bridges, dock which is made an outside graffiti gallery, you can also see Gediminas castle, restaurant Barža, ambiguous art creation – Arch (Arka, which is made from big old pipes). So take your sun cream and go on an adventure!

Night paddle with kayaks. | Price starts at €16 per person | Difficulty 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Kayaks tour in night is one of the most romantic way to spend a date during hot night in Vilnius. When you swim with kayaks during the night you will see Vilnius from whole new angle. Start for night swim with kayaks is possible at Ožkiniai or Valakampiai second beach, it depends on you, wether you like longer tour or shorter. So don’t be scared, ask your sympathy for a date and go on really romantic night kayaking in Vilnius.

Extreme kayaking in Vilnelė river. | Price starts at €16 per person | Difficulty 3.5 out of 5 stars (3,5 / 5)

Vilnelė is totally different river from Neris, itis full of big stones, fallen trees which will be on your way when you swim across it, trees and big stones will always try to flip you over, so all the time you should be careful. Extreme tour might start at Naujoji Vilnia dam (longer route) or Belmontas (shorter route) and finish is just over white bridge. It is really recommended that before trying Vilnelė river you had tried Neris river or other rivers in your country. Also you should know how to control kayak. Are you ready for adventure?! 🙂

Kayaks in Vokė river. | Price starts at €15 per person | Difficulty 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Vokė is another river for more extreme swimming fans. We recommend to try Neris and Vilnelė, which are the most popular ones and then Vokė, which is not so close to city center. Kayaking tour starts at Mūrinė Vokė dam and finishes at Grigiškės just before Vokė flows into Neris. This tour will take you around 3 hours. Price for kayaking in Vokė river starts at 15 euros per person.

Baidarės Vilniuje provides you highest quality kayaks, paddles, life jackets, on request – children seats, transportation to tours start places. Also it is possible to film your adventure with rented GoPro Hero 3+ HD camera only for €15 per tour. Feel free to contact us – +37062739146 or plaukimas@baidaresvilniuje.lt .

Do you need a guide? Our staff could help you with the route, tell stories about places you paddle through. Price – from €50 per tour + fees for kayak.